Sleipnir Picture

Part 2 of my personnal challenge to draw my favourite mythological horses. Here is Sleipnir, Odin's steed, and of course the best horse according to Norse mythology, as required for the horse of the Allfather. If you arrived on this page, chances are that you already know his story, if not... well, to sum up things veeery quickly: Loki, the norse god of... good question, no specialist agree on the subject.... asked a giant worker to build Asgard, the fortress of the gods. The giant agreed if he was given as a reward the Sun, the Moon, and the goddess Freya. The gods agreed on the condition that he would get no help from other giants. The giant accepted, but for the help of his horse, Svadilfari. The problem, for the Aesir, was that Svadilfari was so strong that he could easily bring all the stones that the giant needed very quickly. The giant was nearly finished when the Aesir, furious, threatened to kill Loki if this last one did not find a solution. Loki turned himseld into a mare and "distracted" Svadilfari long enough to prevent the giant from finishing. The giant was furious, protested and got killed by Thor, the god of thunder. Some months later, Loki gave birth to an eight-legged foal: Sleipnir.

To talk a bit about the drawing. Well, drawing eight-legged horses is definitely not my specialty. I have a sketch of Sleipnir from some months ago, and it was then very different in term of morphology. I still do not know which one I prefer. My phone is my camera and I fail at GIMP, and I will scan it properly once I am back to France for the holidays, blablabla. I really liked to work on this one, even though it is a dapple gray horse and I fail at dapple grey horses. The reference picture is the beautiful stock found here :…
Obviously, it not a reference for the color. I know that many people love to paint Sleipnir as a friesian horse, but he is supposed to be grey... so of course, in the wonderful world of mythological fanarts where everything is allowed, he can be a grey friesian.

So, Sleipnir is my favourite mythological horse, after Pegasus but this one does not count because he is the very first mythological horse I have known. And the next one will be a magical horse from a French legend which is not well known, only in the Ardennes I think. And this one should not be grey
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