Fate/Stay Night Fading Moon Lancer II Picture

Was wondering who would be a good Lancer...then I found THIS Amazonian figure from Greek mythology!

True Name: Penthesilea
Title: Lady Warrior of Troy
Class: Lancer
Other Qualifying Classes: Archer, Rider, Berserker
Alignment: Lawful Good
Region: Greece
Time Period: Age of Gods
Gender: Female
Likes: Battlefield, her sister
Dislikes: Disgrace
Talents: Forging weapons
Natural Enemy: Ajax, Achilles

Strength: C
Endurance: D
Agility: B
Mana: B
Luck: E+
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills:
Magic Resistance

Personal Skills:


Mystic Allure: An almost supernatural magnetism innately linked to one's physical attractiveness; its effects similar to a Charm-type spell. Individuals with exceptionally-large mana reserves or a high Magic Resistance rank may dampen, or be rendered immune to, the effects.
B: Upon seeing her face, most men fall head over heels for her. Even the great hero, Achilles, was attracted to her after seeing her after he killed her in battle.


D: Capable of leading her people to assist the losing side of the Trojan War.

Berserk: A skill that permit the user to enter a state of controlled rage.

Noble Phantasm:
Archaía Lávrys: Ingenuity of the Warrior Woman
Anti-Unit A
According to Pliny the Elder, Penthesilea was responsible for making the first battle-ax. This manifests in the form of an ancient Greek labrys. Blessed by Hephaestus himself, this polearm actually recreates one of the greatest stories from the God of the Forge. Upon striking an enemy in an overhead strike, it causes a burst of light to erupt from the point of impact, causing the demons of their own past to burst out of it, like when Hephaestus split open Zeus' head to release Athena. Most men and women would die from the sheer pain of dealing with them.

Hippolyta: Blood Shed of My Beloved Sister
Anti-Unit B
The hunting spear that Penthesilea killed her sister, Hippolyta, with on accident. She hates this tool with a burning passion, since it meant the end to her beloved sister. However, it's closely linked to her story, so she must use it. When she thrusts with it, however, it unleashes a powerful burst of red energy that will impale anyone, doing incredible damage even on a glancing blow.

Boreas: The God's Breath to Kill My Beloved Sister
Anti-Team B+
The reason Hippolyta's hunting spear blew off course--the God of the North Wind, Boreas, blew it off course, causing it to hit her sister. When she throws it, the power of Boreas blows through it, causing a powerful cyclone to erupt. Upon impact, it actually creates a vortex.

Personality: As an Amazon warrior, she's fierce and fearless in battle, but also ingenious in creating weapons. She seeks the Grail to die on the battlefield in glory, but also to undo her ultimate mistake: to prevent herself from accidentally killing her sister.
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