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So, this was my original idea for Officer Paisley O'Grady: She'd be a Lunar Rabbit.

It was, actually, such a late change that I forgot to give her human ears again after removing the rabbit ears. You can see this on her other exports. XD

What is a Lunar Rabbit, you ask? Well, prepare for an infodump.

The Myth of Mochi

You know how when we here in the west look up at the moon, we see a face, and this is the man in the moon?
Well, over in Japan, they don't see a face. They see a rabbit pounding mochi with a mochi mallet.
What is mochi? It's a Japanese rice cake made of a glutinous rice, pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. Traditionally, two people are needed to make mochi. One pounds the mochi with a mallet, the other wets and molds the mochi between mallet pounds. However the moon rabbit pounding mochi only has a mallet. Legend says that the lunar rabbit is constantly lonely because he has no one to shape the mochi while he pounds it with his mallet.
This folktale, while small, shows up a lot in Japanese media, and a few other Eastern cultures. In "Wonderland Online" there is actually a mission where you have to give a pestle to a rabbit on the moon, while rabbit characters in "Touhou" come from the moon. In "Okami," the Brush God for the "Crescent" Brush Technique, which summons the moon and calls upon the night, is the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, and carries a huge mochi-pounding mallet. When summoning her for the fist time to learn Crescent, Amaterasu actually molds the mochi while Yumigami pounds it with her mallet. This can be viewed here:
Traditional mochi making is also seen as a kind of art form in Japan, to the point masters can do it extremely fast, as seen here:…
Some mochi is actually intentionally molded into the shape of a rabbit due to the legend of the lunar rabbit.

Kemonomimi Genericism

Now, why use this as a basis for a species?
Well, when I make characters with animal ears and tails ("kemonomimi"), I'm generally against just calling them a "neko" or "dogboy" or "fox demon." It just feels too generic to me. I prefer to use similar species from actual mythology. This generally translates into things like:
Cat = Bakeneko, Nekomata, Cat Sìth
Dog = Hellhound, Cù-Sìth, Trollhund
Fox = Kitsune, Kyuubi-no-Kitsune
Pig = Orc
Cow = Minotaur

And the closest thing to a fictional species of rabbit is the Japanese legend of the lunar rabbit. I will, however, occasionally call them "Moonrace," a subtle nod to "Turn A Gundam."

Lunar Rabbits: A Species

Now, in the context of a species, Lunar Rabbits are girls and boys with rabbit ears and tails. While called Lunar Rabbits, it's not actually known if they come from the moon. Their mythology indicates their ancestors originally lived on the moon, but there is little evidence to suggest this beyond mythology. However, they seem to have low strength that would indicate having lived in low gravity environment, and while they're not naturally inclined to swimming (an allusion to how the moon has no bodies of water), they do seem able to survive for quite a while with very little oxygen, indicating an adaption to an environment with very little atmosphere.

In terms of biology, Lunar Rabbits, much like actual rabbits, are herbivores. But unlike rabbits, they can learn to eat meat. They tend to be small-bodied, high energy, and jittery. Due to their low need for oxygen, it takes a LOT of activity to get them winded, and they are also known for being able to reach superhuman speed levels of running if they temper themselves. They are also known for being highly promiscuous on levels ranging from "ethical slut" to "really gets around." They're also known for being very lucky and tend to have good fortune on their side.

Officer O'Grady as a Lunar Rabbit

Naturally, O'Grady would be an exception to several of these traits. While her libido is quite high, she's quite a dating disaster and so is still a virgin. She's also much curvier than most other Lunar Rabbits, and quite enjoys meat (*giggles immaturely*). While high energy, she's not very jittery, nor is she fast to the level of superspeed like most Lunar Rabbits are. As evidenced by how often she gets ENF'd, she doesn't SEEM all that lucky, but considering how often Officer Hooker bails her out, it's possible that karma is just overriding her luck, since she's only getting ENF'd because she tries to arrest ENF and ENM victims.

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