Fate/Stay Night: Fading Moon Rider II Picture

Figured I'd make this figure from Greek mythology a Servant...referred to by an alternate name for him to differentiate from Medusa and Perseus' Noble Phantasm.

True Name: Bellerophantes
Title: The Divine Equestrian
Class: Rider
Other Qualifying Classes: Lancer
Alignment: True Neutral
Region: Greece
Time Period: Age of Gods
Gender: Male
Likes: Gaining glory
Dislikes: Being brought low
Talents: Horsemanship
Natural Enemies: Zeus, Medusa

Strength: D
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: E+
Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills:
Magic Resistance


Personal Skills:


Met With a Horrible Fate: The manifestation of one who suffered more than a human should in life.
C: Misfortune seems to follow him wherever he goes. Even when he succeeds, it is a short victory.

Noble Phantasm:
Pegasus Girdle: Bridle of Chivalry
Anti-Army A+
The girdle he used to tame the Pegasus. This allows him to take any creature as his mount, even a Divine Beast. This tool is used by other Heroic Spirits like Medusa and Perseus, which is named after him.

Chímaira Thánatos: Lance of Molten Stone
Anti-Unit C
The lance that Bellerophantes used to slay the beast, Chimera. Rather than a point, the spear has a lump of lead on the head. When jammed into the mouth of the Chimera, it burned it to a molten pool. When active, he forms a molten pool of lead that he can direct with the shaft of his lance. This can engulf enemies, holding them in place, suffocate them, and/or burn them alive.

Chimera: Molded Beast of Lycia
Anti-Army A
The monster that Bellerophantes slew as his greatest feat. Calling this creature forth, he brings up a fire-breathing monster that appears to be a hybrid between a lion, a goat, and a dragon. When summoned, it will be released as a main form of attack to annihilate enemies and anything in its way. Unless he uses the Pegasus Girdle on it, though, it will be an uncontrollable beast that will even attack the one who summoned it.

Personality: Seems rather amiable, but deep down, has an underlying bitterness and arrogance to him. Detests Medusa, viewing her as a potential thief to his legacy. Seeks the Grail to allow him to succeed in his quest to ride to Olympus and dwell among the gods.
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