0 - Fenrir Picture

So I started this new art project. It's a Norse Mythology themed Tarot Card set. I will be doing the major arcana and each card will be assigned at least one character or major aspect from Norse Mythology.

The first card in the major arcana is The Fool, no. 0.

I chose Fenrir for the Fool for a very straight-forward reason: his binding story.

It was said that when Loki three children were born, Fenrir was the only one to come live in Asgard. This was because he was foretold to be the one to kill Odin. As a countermeasure, they attempted to bind him and keep an eye on him. However, he was very strong and quite distrusting. They made it into a game.

"Fenrir, we've got new bindings we'd like to test against your amazing strength. Won't you test them for us?"

And so he broke the first. They came back with a much stronger second but he broke them too. Finally, they fashioned bindings from things that do not exist into a silky, ribbon-like form. Fenrir laughed at it and seemed suspicious.

Tyr, the god of war, pledged his hand that Fenrir might try it. And so the bindings were put on Fenrir, and as he struggled with them, grew tighter and tighter. And Tyr lost his hand.

In addition to this, Fenrir is often considered to be the father of the wolves Skoll and Hati, who chase Sol and Mani (the god of the sun and moon respectively), and so they also undertake foolish quests.

The card itself is made of ash wood. The darker ash for the main body of the card is an overlaid stain. The character is painted on parchment. Everything was done in PS. (Check my
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