Unfinished: Touenkoku Picture

An unfinished map for a fantasy far east world within a larger kitchensink setting.

Touenkoku is a vestigial universe attached our own, a refuge for the mythological mojo of a certain geographical area to retreat to and recreate in a more fantastic image of the Far East. In this world, the Empire of Touenkoku or Taoyuangou. A hodgepodge world with China at its center.

All the people are shapeshifting animals. Everyone's a vegetarian.

The government ministries include stuff like ministry of storms and diseases and the immortality peaches

The ministry of calendars and time actually controls those things, including the seasons and the year. Some thousand years back, a reform was made to the old calendar. It used to be a lunar calendar that had to be fixed with an extra month per year every now and then. The correction was done by a calendar reform where the number of days in the phases of the Moon was modified to 30 days, and the seasonal cycles to 360 days. Some still disagree, and there is controversy whether the year should be 29x12 days.

Of course, this was only possible because of Emperor Yu's wars of expansion into the eastern isles, where the Fusang tree grows. The restless shades of dead suncrows causes troubles on our side of the Fusang Gate, and the political machinations of the last white crow causes troubles on their side of the Fusang Gate...

Haven't touched this since last August, so I guess I'll just label it WIP or unifinished for now.
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