Artemis Picture


PLEASE! If you want to use my image to make a template, a photomanipulation, a T-Shirt, a wallpaper, to post in your fotolog, keychains, ANYTHING, PLEASE ASK ME!!!!! I swear, I DON'T BITE! PLEASE!

Here I am again ^^=!! Well, this is Artémis, the Goddess (Megaaaaami!!!) of Hunt and Goddess of Moon... I just love her X3!!! Since I made a school work when I was in the 5th grade... I was like Hermione, raising up my hand to answer everything XD..... I love Greek Mythology, and my friend had the idea to draw the Greek Gods (*he REALLY wanted to draw Aphrodite... ¬¬” I don’t know if the doe is correctly drawn, because I never drew one before... It’s the Doe of “Cerinto” (I think...), that one, from the 12 Hercules´ works... (oh my “Gad”, my English is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, enjoy it ^^=!!!!

Faber-Castell Colored Pencils
Black Pen (for Artémis “ Canson Paper
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