Fox Spirit 4 Picture

personal project.

edit: in Chinese mythology the fox spirit is mischievous and has tendency to mess up humans' life. it is not evil, but people fear it as it is dangerous. although he looks weak and fragile in fact he is strong. for me this fox is not negative or positive in itself, it can be a destroyer or a creator, it is ambivalent and it is driven by a kind of evil curiosity, who tests whether or not the rooster dies from severing its head, but it can also sacrifice itself the other moment. the series is 4 pictures so far: on the 1st the outside world expects a human to behave like a fox, which she tries but of course fails. in the 2nd the fox wears human skin, but it cannot change its nature. on the 3rd it wants to became human. on the 4th the fox behavior wins. the two sides are in continuous battle, but if any wins, something is forever lost, something dies. the calm state as often would be a kind of balance.

inspiration: [link]
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