Asgard-Imir Picture

Name: Imir (named after the first living being in the germanic mythology, a primeval giant)
Type: Gas giant
Diameter: 184.446 km
Orbit: 9.6176 AU
Distance to sun: 1.438.736.283,69292 km
Periapsis: 1.425.845.405,04801
Apoapsis: 1.451.743.707,05695
Excentricity: 0.009
Mass: 442.05 earth masses / 1.39 Jovian masses
Inclination from ecliptic (odin orbital plan): 2.4°
Gravity: ~2.11G
Axis Tilt:
Year: 10 482.844303 earth days / 28.700464 earth years
Number of satellites: 6 main ones (3 inhabited) and over 100 minors
Solar System: Asgard; 6th Planet
Information: Imir is a huge gas giant in the Asgard system.
Three of the moons have space stations: Baade, Bode and Gauss, named after
famous astronomers. One of them has a star fort, the other two are mainly
mining moons for rare recources, but also to watch and research everything about Imir.
One moon is an icy one, one has greenish atmosphere because of high amounts of toxic chlorine
and the last one is just rocky without any special features.
The main components of Imir are hydrogen, helium, methane and ammonia.

Calculation and support by my great mate
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