Persona - Tsukuyomi Picture

Whew took all day to draw this, took make things short I bought Shin Megami Tensei's "Persona 4" a week ago, and needless to say I am extremely pleased with the level that this game was put together. I find it almost hard to thoroughly explain how awesome this game is, other than to rank it within the top 5 games I've played (EVER),This including Armored Core 2AA (PS2), ICO(PS2), Shadow of the Colossus(PS2), and Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master(Genesis).

The game is a masterpiece in my opinion and I will miss the series (Rights to the series were sold to a phone company whom will probably ruin the next game == )...

On a better note, I did my best to follow the "style" of design seen in P4 as its the only game of this series I had to go on. I have to admit it looks a lot like Kin-Ki and Rokuten Maoh, but the "True" form will be a lot less borrowed.

The persona is called "Tsukuyomi-No-Mikoto" though straight up Tsukuyomi right be better, he is the brother to "Amaterasu Omikami" (I know at least half of you should know who this deity is). He angered his sister when he killed the goddess of food "Uke Mochi", this was done at a feast in which he represented Amaterasu in her stead, the manner in which the food god "prepared" the feast angered and repulsed Tsukuyomi (You can look this part up I don't want to explain lol), who killed her in response. As such Amaterasu was made angry and thus refused to look upon her brother again, moving forever to the opposite side of the skies (Sun & Moon/Day & Night).

Mythology is a huge key in Persona and I am extremely entertained by how they use it in the game. To wrap up if you haven't played this game go find it! Also if you can't find it go look for any of the other Shin Megami Tensei games, from what I've seen they all are of monumental caliber.

Design: For the design I focused on a stylistic but angular frame, and used patterns usually seen in the game as well, I also borrowed symbols I've seen in other Japanese styled mythological games (like Okami). As he is the Moon god I made the rope that wraps around him end on both sides with ornamental blades, one marked with "New Moon" (Tsuitachi) and the other with "Full Moon" (Mangetsu). The rope is supposed to symbolize the cycle of time (i.e. New,Waxing,Full,Waning,New,etc).I decided to make his face concealed as having a human face on a strange body would look rather strange, the sword he carries is supposed to look something like a warfan, or perhaps symbolize the action of the moon being eclipsed by the shadow of the earth. Anyway feel free to comment (I apologize for the text wall)

By the way I made a preliminary doodle (thumbnail) then scanned and printed it to make it bigger and ad finishing touches (just in case your wondering).
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