#150: Amanju Picture

First appearance: Episode 57 (放課後にご用心! 狙われたうさぎ /Be Careful After School! Usagi is Targeted )
Voice actor: Mako Hyoudou

Amanju was a Cardian selected by Ail for an energy-harvesting operation. However, Amanju repeatedly disobeyed Ail's commands, running amok through the city and doing as she pleased. She eventually broke into Juuban Junior High School, where Usagi and Natsumi were in detention, before being challenged by the Sailor Team outside. Usagi sneaked out of the classroom and transformed into Sailor Moon, but having unwittingly had some of her energy drained by An, she was weakened and was almost caught by Amanju. Ultimately the Moonlight Knight intervened for long enough for Sailor Moon to get her energy back and destroy the monster.

Amanju, Cardian and notorious duck-botherer, is loosely based on the mythological creature called the Amanojaku. Her unexpected rampage makes more sense in the following episodes, as the Makaiju itself becomes increasingly erratic, but even in this episode it presents a welcome break from the usual formula.
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