Eos - Goddess of the dawn Picture

Eos - Goddess of the dawn

The other picture from the cycle mythology.

Eos with Rosy Fingers. It's difficult for me, to transfer this nickname to English, but in Polish is very lyric and inspiring – Różanopalca
CS2, about 2 working hours
Not commercial only, the link,credit, +fav

I am thanking:

*flaviacabral for her beautiful portrait [link]

*linwood for the chariot [link]

~shd-stock for Silver Wings [link]

*roboticdesign for the moon [link] , used also in my ID, what I forgot to mention, when I exposed it out. Sorry
for beautiful dawn, which is a background of the image. Sorry, I cannot find the link 

for brushes, which I used for doing clouds [link] .

"I give my permission to
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