MonsterHigh OCs*OUTDATED* Picture

Alright,I apologise for no art for a while but dinosaurs ate me and pathologists just dug up my bones.

No,in reality i’ve been working on this for two months!I don’t have much to say except that i’m relieved it’s finished XD Here is an updated list(with new characters teehee) of all my MonsterHigh Ocs!!

For closer view:

From left to right;


Crafty Tossico

(Kraf-tee Toh-see-ko)

Crafty is a generally bouncy,fun to be around person.She has mood swings and can be vain and confused and has a huge appetite.Dances as a hobby with Tom(who’s she’s known since they were really little),Pheolix and Hypurr,they compete against other groups and are really good friends.She runs a little studio in an old warehouse she patched up that used to belong to her dad and hangs out there all the time if she can.

Monster Parent: Daughter of The Raccoon mutant
Ethnicity:Italian on her mother’s side,Father is American,born in America
Body type:Curvy,breasts on the larger side
Fashion:Mix of lighthearted Emo and cutesie,stripes,black and white
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications: Belly button peircing
Relationship(s):None currently

Liana Byss


Confused,terrified,fragile,misunderstood,depressive,introverted,and constant fear and suspiscion of absolutely everyone are traits that haunt Liana.Untrustworthy of anyone except perhaps Vertae,whom she has a huuuuge hopeless crush on,despite being waaay out of her league.Goes into bloom(as in she develops petals around her hips and becomes a very ‚beautiful‘ version of her self that she is not comfortable with and that everyone loves untill the end of spring comes and she moults.At that time everyone hates her guts for not being what she once was,and suffers intense bullying every year.Rumours travel and people think she sleeps around with boyfriends,despite not even being interested in men.)Basically never speaks with her mother who is either gone or passed out drunk somewhere in the house.Dreads school like hell and spends most of her time away from people,in her room on the internet.Super lonely and starved of any contact or emotion but she doesn’t trust anyone for them to get close enough to her.

Monster Parent: Daughter of an Anthousa,father of unknown abouts
Ethnicity: Born in Indian
Body type:Tall and lanky,extremely thin,on the edge of anorexia
Sexuality:Closet Lesbian
Fashion:Wears bulky things if she can,Greens and reds,roses,beiges and darker colors
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:None,would love tattoos but is too scared
Relationships:Crush on Vertae

Vertae Brae


Confident,sexy,bored and spends her time winding people up.Has been around for ages(literally)and needs some entertainment.Has come back to school because she’s spent the last 2000 years getting drunk,high,having sex or at war against a demon race and doing favors for satan.Smokes,races around on a motorcycle and has friends who your parents may faint from meeting if you’d introduce them.Has a strong love for licorice and gambling.

Monster parent: Daughter of a succubus
Ethnicity: Born in a demonic village called Ztabruhjka (Tsa-broo-re-ka)
Body type:Small breasted,slender
Sexuality: Bisexual
Fashion:Goth/punk,biker chic,violet and blue
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Tattoo of blue skeletal arm on arm,blue skeletal leg on leg,three black stars on cheek,Nose piercing,Tongue frenulem piercing
Relationships:Not one for lasting relationships

Pheolix Everflame

(Fee-oh-lix eh-ver-flay-m)

A gentleman,calm,loving and passionate.Has a more secretive tango-rumba sexy side to him.Has a gorgeous voice and dances along with Tom,Crafty and Hypurr as a hobby.Can cook and makes glass orniments with his bare hands.His father left when he and his sister were very young,leaving his mother,who had given up everything and become dependant,helpless and poor.His father coasted to fame as a famous explorer and naturalist and that’s when he left.Pheolix and his sister raised on their mother’s knee with music,money that went in and out of the household and an open flame.Very un-materialistic and doesn‘t like expensive gifts.

Monster parent:Son of the Pheonix
Body type:Large chested,fit
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Has a flame/heart/curving feathers of flame tattoo,from his chest to his arm,curves to his back and onto his face
Relationships:Girlfriend,Clary Delarue(Belongs to the wonderful egoetrexmeus )

Zafar Huis

(Zah-fah Hiy-s)

Cynical,unempathetic,hostile and sarcastic.Little people understand his dark humor and he doesn’t like most people.His mother is always in and out on Business trips and such so he’d rather not be in the house because he hates the emptyness.Smokes and can be depressive to be around.If he really likes someone he has a sort of rustic charm and can be quite witty and spontaneous.Likes being outdoors especially during cloudy,cold weather.

Monster parent:Son of the Abada
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications: Industrial ear piercing on right ear
Relationships:has a crush on Bodice(Belongs to LunaBones)

Chelsea Tachibana


Excitable,adorable,insane,colorful,energetic and annoying.Speaks with a lisp and has a love for sweets and poptarts.Has intense conversations with her jar of sunshine,shiny.Is a strong believer that colors,left over gum,sugar,colorful duct tape and glitter makes everything better.Gets up to mischief and is a nightmare to babysit or take anywhere.

Monster parent:Created by a scientist to resemble the internet sensation,Nyan cat.She went broke and had to abandon Chelsea.Now adopted by a lovely gay couple
Body type:Thin,Childish
Fashion:Crazy,childish and colorful fairy kei-esque
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Has a serial number‘25GT4U_87‘ on her shoulder blade

Logan Amulet

(Lo-geun A-meu-lett)

Puts on a very calm,relaxed ,trustworthy display but is in reality extremely screwed up.Doesn’t understand love and has a secret history of being a homewrecker..wants it to end but wants to see the horizon at the same time.Sleeps around and has a profound wound of sadness inside ,lies very convincingly to create false assumptions and ruin relationships discretely,only spends so much time in one place settled until she fucks everything up and has to move away.Has a big mess inside and is just in reality very alone.Can change her gender

Monster parent: Daughter of Ahti
Sexuality: Pansexual
Body type: pear shaped
Fashion:mix of Dark and yellow,dripping and pink,hexagons,queen bee
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications: Vertical labret piercing(lower lip and under lip)

Tom Capricorn

(Tom Cah-pree-korn)

A Charming,attractive,sexually active,selfish,careless stupid asshole. (I say this with much love) Dances with Crafty,Tom and Hypurr as a hobby.Flirts shamelessly and is super attracted and has a starting,close-to-love relationship with Kaliya(belongs to egoetrexmeus) Makes dumb mistakes that could potentially hurt and scar himself and the people around him.The only boy out of 8 kids,the entire family known for being extremely sexually attractive.

Monster parent:Son of the dragons
Ethnicity:Malaysian parents,born in America
Body type:kinda thin,fit since he’s a dancer
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Nope
Relationships:Girlfriend-Kaliya Darah(Belongs to egoetrexmeus)

Lahuacà Tepek

(La-h(r)oo-ah-ka Te-peck)

Confident,high headed,dominating,strong,superior,attractive,ambitious and wants the world at her finger tips.Is basically a mysandrist and her next ambition is to knock down the next level of people so she can walk on their backs to a higher level.Although she is disastrous and extremely dangerous,she sees no need to enlower those who are already low.Material posessions are just part of her rein and all she wants is your respect and perhaps your absolute and utter devotion.Has her bitchy crony,Viperra at her side and is perhaps one person she truly likes and relates to,although she sees her as disposable so Viperra is constantly jumping to make sure she’s Lahuacà’s favorite and gets extremely envious to anyone else near her.

Monster parent: Daughter of Huitzilopochtli
Ethnicity: Mexican
Sexuality: Heterosexual,would perhaps make out with a woman every now and then though
Age: 514
Body type: Fairly large breasts, curvatious and luscious
Fashion: Regal ancient Aztec,lots of Gold and feathers
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Chin piercing,enlarged ear lobes

Viperra Diamond-back

(Viy-Pe-rra Die-mund Back)

Bitchy,envious,materialistic,sleazy,shallow and vain.She’s a pure bitch and a bully,who torments and pokes at others from the safety of the top of the social hierarchy,right next to Lahuacà whom she adores and is extremely jealous of anyone else who gets close to her.Although she constantly puts up the confident bullying bitch act,she’s actually very controlled of what the men around her think and she’s constantly trying to please,she’s conflicted within herself.Her mother is settling down with a new family and has a baby,Viperra feels neglected and pushed away,when she only makes it harder for herself.She adores her father but he’s always away,hard to reach.She dates men with money and has an obsession with expensive jewelry.Wants to to be a medical student but is too preoccupied with everything shallow and materialistic to concentrate on her studies.

Monster parent: Daughter of the Basilisk
Body type:Tall and model like,long legged,thin,cheek bones,pointy breasts
Fashion:expensive,haut couture,snake skin,jewels,gems,black,glitter,silver,purples and dark blues
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Nose piercing

Nikki Tossico

(Ni-kee Toss-ee-ko)

Fabulous,confident,bold,dark,sassy,grouchy Nikki.Loving and friendly when she wants to be.Has an extremely pressuring mother,who pestered her for not being perfect like her siblings,for not dressing the same and for being chubby,and generally not pleasing her parents and doing everything they told her to.She fled and changed her name because she hated it(Goodness gracious,Emily rose,when will you stop embarassing me?You are such a dissapointment) and met Vertae.Nicknames everyone and can go into a very dark,depressive state.Is generally caring but has a bit of a hard shell

Monster parent: Daughter of the cyclops
Sexuality: Biromantic Homosexual
Body type: Curvy,large breasts,chubby
Fashion:Macabre/mediteranian sea goth pastel goth
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Eyebrow piercing,enlarged ear on left shoulder and snake bites
Relationships:Girlfriend,Zahara(Belongs to the wonderful Acid-Black-Cherry)

Ray Kunawa

(Ray Koo-na-wa)

Ambitious,fun,has a good sense of humor,likes to mess around,hard working,laid back.Wants to be a director later on and is super into his studies but still messes around and can stand a joke.Has an awesome relationship with his girlfriend Jawgia(belongs to LunaBones),they are super good friends before they are together,really enjoy each other’s company.Has two half siblings,Ctyris and Calypso,they have a shared father who is a total man whore.He’s never around and when he is he plays happy families . They proabably have several other half siblings but their mothers were the only ones who made a fuss that he’d look after them.So they’re alone in the house most of the time

Monster parent:Son of the bakunawa dragon and a siren
Body type:Fit,athletic,large chested
Piercings,tattoos or body modifications:Tongue piercing and phases of moon tattoo over brow
Relationships:Girlfriend-Jawgia Sharktooth(Belongs to LunaBones)

Satym Milkyspots

(sa-teem Mil-kee spots)

Loud,obnoxious,aggressive,primitive and clueless about social norms since she’s lived in the wilderness for the majority of her life.Is very athletic and breaks things by accident and is often too tall for door frames so she just bashes it untill it’s the right size.She has no problem with nudity and doesn’t understand why people are so weird about it and might accidentally go to school nude if it wasn’t for her pracautious friends

Monster parent: Daughter of the Wampus cat
Tattoos,Body modifications and piercings:None
Fashion:Jungle chic
Body type:Very tall and muscular

Exterminata Jast

(Ex-ter-mee-nay-tah Jasst)

Timid and shy,sent to earth to study how social hierarchy works so that the daleks may copy the strategy to eventually run alien government systems.Used basically as a slave by Viperra and Lahuacà,Viperra especially bullies her.

Monster parent:The daleks
Ethnicity:Alien,programmed with a british accent
Tattoos,Body modifications and piercings:none
Body type: petite

Hypurr Twintail

(Hi-purr Twin-tay-el)

Jokey, reflective,irritating,interesting,mysterious.Dances along with Tom,Pheolix and Crafty.Has 9 lives,two of which are now dead and previous alter egos.

Monster parent:Son of the Twintails
Tattoos,Body modifications and piercings:brow piercing
Relationships: Boyfriend,Jake(belongs to egoetrexmeus)

Spojiva Ooze

(Spo-h(r)ee-fa Ooz)

Bossy,intelligent,sasss,loud and commanding.Has overprotective alien parents that constantly send over probes to make sure she’s okay that she frequently bashes up so they’ll stop spying on her.Is fully competent on her own and organizes everything.(or atleast if anyone else tries to they are doing it wrong)

Monster parent: Daughter of the aliens
Sexuality: Demi romantic Heterosexual
Fashion:futuristic space chic
Tattoos,Body modifications and piercings:None

Ctyris Aguaje

(Sti-riss A-gooa-j(r)e)

Depressive,helpless,hypocritical and a downer.Makes a lot of stupid mistakes and bad decisions.Gets too into situations and ends up hurting himself out of it.Has a lot of random tattoos and writes a lot of cheesy inspirational tumblr quotes that he doesn’t abide himself.Secretely has the voice of a fucking angel,still a virgin.The only sibling to take his father’s last name since his mother doesn’t have one.

Monster parent:Son of a Rusalka(and a siren)
Tattoos,Body modifications and piercings:tattoos along left arm and lip piercing

Calypso Charybdis

(Kah-lip-so Sha-rib-diss)

Grouchy,grumpy,hostile,quiet,dark,aggressive,moody,has a fiery temper.Is very overpowered because of Kracken hormones and doesn’t want anyone to come close to her for fear of hurting them and herself.Is terrifying but when she does have a friend(in this case,Jawgia)she becomes very posessive and jealous.When she’s in a good mood and around the right people she can become witty and funny.Has two half siblings,Ray and ctirys.Is named after the island nymph Calypso because their father is very shallow.

Monster parent:The Kracken(and a siren)
Tatttoos,Body modifications and piercings:Tattoo on breast
Fashion:Mysterious,macabre pirate
Body type:Muscley and beautiful

June Kakikesu

(Jewn Kah-kee-keh-soo)

Willowy,romantic,mysterious,slightly vague,relaxed,in touch with her soul.She’s very into ouija and mythology and spends a lot of time in the library or in the water.She does ink paintings on canvas and loves to draw.No-one can get between her and her hobbies and she’s rather introverted.Also is Ray’s ex

Monster parent: Daughter of Kawaakago
Body Type: Average,thin legs,small breasts
Tattoos,Body modifications : and piercings:Medusa piercing,anti-eyebrows piercings,orchid tattoo on thigh,along side and down arm,silver orchids inset in cheeks

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