47. Horus Picture

Horus: Egyptian God of the Sky, War, Protection, and Kings

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

I know, I know. Another Egyptian god. My random number generator can't seem to get enough of them. XD

When I was reading up on Horus this morning, he struck me as a bit of a spoiled teenage kid. XD His mum is investing so much in him to avenge his father's death, for one thing. For another, even though I read that Horus was supposedly the manifestation of all the perfect qualities one would want in a son or young man.... he was kind of an underhanded jerkface at times. He fought a war against Set for the Kingdom of Egypt for like what, 80 days, and he was kind of a sore loser and cheated a lot... or at least, he had a super over protective mother who kept stepping in to interfere. XD
Horus cheated at the boat races, his mum constantly made him new body parts, and then... there was a really awkward thing involving lettuce that I'll let you look up yourself. XD;;;
Of course, when his mum had her chance to kill Set herself and didn't take it because, really, Set's her bro, Horus got so mad he lopped off her head! (Don't worry, she instantly grew a new more stylish bovine head...) No wonder Ra was suspicious about this young'un taking over Egypt. XD

He's one of the oldest deities so no doubt he's got a bazillion titles and incarnations- there's even a cross between him and Set floating around! XD Of course, being the god that the Pharaoh was supposed to be the living incarnation of, he was definitely a very politically motivated one. He was the patron god of Lower Egypt (although in some records he seems to be the god of Upper Egypt...) while Set was the god of Upper Egypt. Their contest is thought to be a reflection and later a justification for Lower Egypt conquering and unifying with Upper Egypt. I guess that's what that weird Set-Horus thing is for, since you know Set wasn't always really such a bad dude. XD

So yeah, I kind of channelled my inner lazy teenager for this picture. XD He's wearing his united-Egypt crown backwards because he caaaaaaan.
What is he playing? Probably Harvest Moon or something. XD IDK.
Hathor is on his little bulletin board with Set and Isis because she was often considered to be either his mother or his wife. Egyptian family trees are always ca-razeeehhhhh. XD

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