Royal Family Project Picture

okay, so this took an IMPOSSIBLY long time to do! i actually started this waaay back in september, and explanations are due! this piece was begot through the idea of doing random mythology research. i came across the legend of Selene and Endymion in greek mythology,which inspired Naoko Takeuchi to create Sailor Moon. i read the part about how in the myth, they had 50 daughters and chuckled at the idea of 50 chibiusa's running around Crystal Palace. and my muse latched onto that idea and threatened me with dark things until i agreed to do it! so, here are the 50 daughters of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. and please, don't ask me how some of them do their hair. let's just say it's magic and a LOT of hair gel, okies?

1st row: Chibiusa, Kousagi, Selene, Hyperia, Hanako
2nd row:Chikyuu, Tsuki, Kiyo, Akemi, Mai
3rd row:Sakura, Yume, Hikari, Kagami, Arisu
4th row:Emiko, Mami, Sora, Yuki, Yuri
5th row:Hina, Kira, Barako, Michiko, Utako
6th row:Shizuka, Namida, Aiko, Mizuki, Kamiko
7th row:Chi, Megumi, Kaori, Reika, Nyoko
8th row:Nijiko, Rose, Thorn, Momoko, Shina
9th row:Amaya, Hoshi, Kotone, Izumi, Seiko
10th row:Rin, Miya, Ginko, Shinko, Kaika

Chibiusa: everyone knows her story.^^ Chronologically 903 years old

Kousagi: everyone knows her story.^^ Chronologically 895 years old

Selene: Named for the goddess of the moon, she's a very cool individual, as distant and mysterious as the moon. the dark side of her is her warm personality, reserved only for her sisters and parents. she knows Selenography like the back of her hand. she wears odango with smaller ones in front with regular pigtails. Chronologically 880 years old.

Hyperia: Named for the sun and earth, she's a very down to earth person. she could almost have a sort of country attitude, and has no problem getting her hands dirty, whatever the situation. though she won't say no to a bit of fun now and then. she has double odango on one side with a pigtail from each bun. Chronologically 868 years old

Hanako: Name means Flower. a very odd girl, who enjoys the strange and fluffy side of lolita. she often seems kind of flighty and dreamy, not to mention a little air headed. most people say she embodies the worst of Usagi's bad habits. she wears two odango on top of each other and curls her pigtails into close ringlet style. Chronologically 851 years old.

Chikyuu and Tsuki: Their names mean respectively Earth and Moon. the first twins born to the King and Queen, creating even more shock among the Palace dwellers. they represent the relationship between the Moon and Earth, as reflected in their hairstyles. Chikyuu bears an earth shaped bun, while Tsuki has a crescent shaped bun. them each having a single bun set the style for twins to share buns between them. they are both party girls, who want nothing more than to have fun and dance all day in the sunshine. and gossip about the relationship between their eldest sister Chibiusa and Helios. Chronologically 841 years old

Kiyo: Name meaning Purity. a girl who seems too absorbed with observing everything around her to participate. she often knows much of what has and is happening in the Palace, along with outside it's walls. when her parents need to know something, she is usually the girl they go to for information. she wears double odango with slightly scattered pigtails. Chronologically 826 years old

Akemi: Name meaning Bright Beauty. a gentle girl with a sweet personality. she often prefers to sit in the garden, watching nature and sketching it in her various art books. she can't paint or color very well, but her black and white sketches are excellent and many of them decorate her room. she has round odango with a braid wrapped around the bottom and regular pigtails. Chronologically 806 years old

Mai: Name meaning Dance. she feels a little lost among the sisters, being painfully shy and preferring to hide away in her rooms full of different crystal ornaments and figurines. but she can be protective when she thinks her family is in danger. she has fan shaped odango and very curly pigtails. Chronologically 799 year old.

Sakura: Named for the Cherry Blossom. a girl as sweet and beautiful as her namesake, Sakura often enjoys doing playful jokes and generally just enjoying funny things. she loves to make her sisters and parents laugh, and usually has a plethora of ways to do it. she doesn't allow anyone to be depressed in the Palace! she wears her odango shaped like sakura blossoms with puffy pigtails that are tied at the bottom. Chronologically 784 years old

Yume: Name meaning Dream. a girl who seems entranced in her own world. she sees things a little hazy and off balance compared to everyone else in the family. she also has the ability to decipher dreams. she enjoys sitting near windows curled up and looking through books, though she rarely reads more than a few sentences. she wears 3 loops for odango with short pigtails to her shoulder blades. Chronologically 768 years old.

Hikari: Name meaning Radiance. Hikari is a girl who enjoys the benefits that come with being a princess. she's usually found at the palace spa, having her hair conditioned and her nails done, and her skin exfoliated. she's not vain or spoiled, she just enjoys taking care of herself and looking her role. her favorite past time is having her extremely long hair brushed and occasionally trying new styles. she's usually the most comfortable at formal events and during processions. she wears her hair in double star buns with regular pigtails. Chronologically 760 years old.

Kagami: Name meaning Mirror. when she was born, her coloring was so exactly like her mother Usagi, she was named Kagami, to show how she mirrored her mother more than any of her sisters. her personality is quite the opposite though. she's graceful, calm and extremely intelligent. her favorite times are spent with Ami, discussing various theories and equations. she wears her odango round like her mothers, but leaves the rest of her wavy hair loose. Chronologically 740 years old

Arisu: Name meaning Nobility. she is definitely one of the odder daughters though some people may say she's the coolest. she's had inserts placed in her ears to turn them elfin shaped and has a star tattooed on her cheek. it's not that she wants to rebel or stand out from her other sisters, it's simply that she is a type of artist who wants to express herself with her body and experiment a little. she has curly kind of odango with shaggy short pigtails. Chronologically 727 years old.

Emiko: Name meaning Child graced with beauty. she lives up to her name very much, and is easily the most graceful out of all the child, even matching their mother. it was a small shock to the palace when she was born with fairy wings that were tinted gold, harkening back to her grandmother Queen Serenity. she does get vaguely irritated when people ask her if she can fly, but remains a calm lady and gently tells them no, she can not. her favorite past time is to craft jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and crowns. most of her works she gives to her sisters and mother, but some of them she will sell. she wears her hair in butterfly shaped odango with wavy loose pigtails. Chronologically 722 years old.

Mami: Name meaning Pearl. she is a gentle soul who acts like a mother when Neo Queen Serenity isn't around. she's usually the one who babysits the children and is able to keep most of them under control and out of trouble, aside from a few troublesome girls. some people say she almost reminds them of Queen Serenity in personality and looks. she has a string of buns along the top of her head to mimic a string of pearls, and keeps her hair short and the ends curled up. Chronologically 705 years old

Sora: Name meaning Sky. Sora is the athlete of the family. she vigorously enjoys cross country running, swimming and a little bit of racquetball now then then. she tries to learn skateboard continuously, but often just ends up hurting herself. she loves spending time with Haruka and enjoying a good run together. she wears puffy odango with 3 strands of hair trailing from them. Chronologically 696 years old.

Yuki and Yuri: Names respectively meaning Blessing and Lily. the 2nd pair of twins, once again surprising the Palace, though not as much. many hoped they would be the last of the children. they ended up inheriting their grandmother's hair. they love considering themselves Yin and Yang, despite the fact they have very similar personalities, though in admittedly different ways. Yuri loves cooking, and Yuki loves eating. Yuki loves sketching and Yuri loves coloring. they styled their hair so they each have a side of the yin yang symbol with a single wavy pigtail. Chronologically 675 years old.

Hina: Name meaning Sunshine. Hina can often be found arranging all the flowers her sisters grow. her arrangements decorate the palace, and are sent as gifts to dignitaries, nobles and generally folk the royal couple would like to impress and show good will. no one is sure where she learned such excellent flower arranging, but few think to question it. her odango is styled to resemble a sun, and her pigtails are long and styles in puffs. Chronologically 663 years old.

Kira: Name meaning Darkness. Kira is a girl who thoroughly enjoys the occult and all the things it may offer. hence why she chose to fashion herself some bat wing odango. she often gets teased by her anime-loving sisters, who say she belongs in Dark Stalkers. she has a small library of her occult books in her room, along with many candles, incense and pentagrams. but she will not tolerate devil worship of any kind and is offended of people who insinuate she does that. Chronologically 650 years old.

Barako: Name meaning Rose Child. she was named by her father for her rose red hair and eyes. and she very much enjoys her namesake, keeping dozens of rose plants in her room that she tends daily and shaping her odango after them. she is never seen without a rose tucked behind her ear. she is usually very calm and intrigued by many things. Chronologically 635 years old.

Michiko: Name meaning Beauty. she is a very passionate conservationalist. she doesn't care much for the crystal city, instead preferring being surrounded by living trees. in order to keep their daughter close, the Palace was expanded to include a little forest, where Michiko lives. she even occasionally will play forest nymph, and be mistaken for such when glimpsed by guests near the edge of her forest. she based her odango after the nature she loves so much, having leaf shaped odango with wild pigtails that seem to mimic twisting vines. her sisters often enjoy visiting her in her forest home, which is complete with animals such as deer, geese and swans, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and owls. Chronologically 629 years old.

Utako: Name meaning Poem. she enjoys art, as you would think from her name, but not poetry. she prefers art such as story writing. she's always dreaming up something new to write about, and already has 5 very large novels published. her favorite subject to write about is the subject of Sailor Moon, as told by her mother and eldest sister Chibiusa. she's in the process of writing a 6th novel. she wears her odango in low buns she ties with ribbon, and lets the ribbons dangle instead of pigtails, so she is able to keep her hair relatively short. Chronologically 611 years old

Shizuka: Name meaning Quiet. she is a type of girl who loves history and respects it deeply. she's often quoting people from the past and insisting everyone avoid repeating mistakes from the past. when it came time for odango, she wanted to show respect for the past, so she styled her odango after her mother and sister who had both been in the past, the 20th century. she keeps the rest of her hair in twisted loops to keep it out of her eyes, so she doesn't miss a word about the past in her books. Chronologically 605 years old.

Namida: Name meaning Tears. it's said that when Namida was born, she already had such a mournful face, the king and queen instantly agreed she seemed ready to cry and named her as such. so even when she is happy, Namida still seems to have a mourning quality around her, though no one can figure out why. even Namida wishes to be able to truly express happiness. the reason for why she's always so sad is that she gained empathic abilities, and is only able to feel sadness from people near her, but no one is aware of this fact yet. she wears her hair in lily buns and thick pigtails. Chronologically 591 years old

Aiko: Name meaning Beloved one. Aiko is very much in love with the culture of Kinmoku, so much to the point she has clothing designed and imported from the planet, and has styled her pigtails after the planets princess, Kakyuu. her buns are shaped like the planets beloved olive blossom, and she dreams of the day she can move to the planet and find a man she can spend the rest of her life with. though she can't deny one of the sons of Princess Star fighter is remarkably attractive. Chronologically 583 years old.

Mizuki: Name meaning Beautiful Moon.Mizuki is a remarkably happy-go-lucky type of girl with an amazing sense of luck. she's a very talented gambler and enjoys taking on anyone who thinks they can beat her. she's banned from playing for money in the casinos of Crystal Tokyo, but she is allowed to play card games if she isn't betting. she is also able to do very fun card tricks, using her dual colored eyes as a slight distraction to make her tricks seem even more magical. her hair is styled with two crescent odango crossing each other and a thin wavy pigtail. Chronologically 565 years old.

Kamiko: Name meaning Divine Aura. Kamiko is the resident princess miko and devotes herself to her faith. it's rare to see her outside of her miko shrine robes, and usually prefers to wear white and red when having to wear gowns for royal occassions. her room even looks like a shinto shrine, candles always being lit. she sometimes is a little tense with her elder sister Kira, due to Kamiko's worries that her sister will invite dark entities through mispractice. she wears her hair in lotus shaped buns, with her hair flowing loose in a manner similar to Nehelenia though not as wavy. Chronologically 546 years old.

Chi: Name meaning Wisdom. Chi is a martial artist, and has already been able to progress to a blue belt and is getting ready to progress to red. she is probably the only daughter who is not a general pacifist, and sometimes has fights with her mother because of her fighting skills. but she enjoys the discipline and rigor of martial arts. her hair is styled into tiara shaped buns to keep her mother happy and add a touch of femininity with regular pigtails that are tied near the top.

Megumi: Name meaning Grace. Megumi is a silly little girl, who enjoys working in cooperation with her sister Sakura to keep the Crystal Palace lively, and it's inhabitants happy. but instead of pranks, she usually prefers to be a comedian to make people laugh, constantly telling jokes and doing little stand up routines that leave most of her family laughing with tears. just to be odd, she's styled her odango after mushrooms, which she dots with pearls to make them resemble a toadstool. her pigtails are slightly wavy, slightly puffy, and come to a point.

Kaori: Name meaning Strength. Kaori's passion lies with Egyptology, and mimics the culture, like her elder sister Aiko. her room has been designed to look an egyptian room, with soft hanging sheer curtains, cushions on the floor and egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics everywhere. the only modern thing in her room is her bed, which she could not give up, though it has an egyptian
themed blanket and pillows on it. she also sunbathes often to darken her skin, and is the darkest in her whole family. her buns are styled after the Ankh symbol while the rest of her hair hangs in multiple braids like the egyptian wig style.

Reika: Name meaning Lovely Petal. this girl in spirit harkens back to a younger Chibiusa, though she is a tad more obedient than her eldest sister was as a kid. she inherited her father and mother's love of flowers for all kinds and does her name justice and enjoys tending a little section of the garden that is all her own, though it does have more weeds than the rest of the gardens. she styles her hair in flower bud shaped buns with two fluffy pigtails that seem to mimic the shape of petals.

Nyoko: Name meaning Gem. Nyoko's hobby is sewing, though she's still figuring out some of the more complicated patterns, she is able to make some of the gowns she wears. most of her days, she spends with the Palace seamstress, who is usually giving her lessons in her free time. if the seamstress is unable to teach her, she'll seek out Setsuna who will teach her. her dearest dream is to be able to sew her own beautiful wedding dress. she wears her hair in two long thin odango that mimic the blades of a scissor with two regular pigtails that are kept close to her.

Nijiko: Name meaning Rainbow. Ninjiko enjoys fortune telling immensely, and often is borrowing her sister Kira's books to figure specific things out. many of her sisters enjoy a game of coming to have their fortunes told, and often Nijiko's predictions come true, so it's possible she actually has prophetic abilities, which causes her to enjoy acting mysterious and all knowing. she often has to keep reassuring Kira and everyone else that she's not into devil worship, though she won't deny she's mildly curious about the rituals and keeps a few upside down pentagrams, just as novelties. she has a single fair sized bun on top of her head, with a large wavy ponytail falling from it.

Rose and Thorn: the 2nd to last twins of the royal family, they were named by their father once it was shown they had his coloring, so they were named after parts of his favorite flower. these twins could not be more different! Rose is a darling who could never hurt a fly and is always helpful. Thorn however, has turned out as devilish as her name, and remains a "thorn" in her family's side. the only one who has even a bit of control over Thorn is her twin and father. anyone else will simply be laughed at and promptly ignored. Rose wears her hair in a halo loop with angel wing shaped pigtail, while Thorn wears a devil horn bun with her pigtain demon wing shaped, which she learned from her elder sister Kira.

Momoko: Name meaning Peach Child. Momoko is obsessed with dragons, for what reason no one else can figure out. she just loves them, and everything about them. her favorite day dream is having a dragon she can ride around japan, and her room is full of books about them, figurines, and many other dragon themed things from her elder sisters. she even will enjoy wearing kimonos with dragons twisting on them. her odango are fashioned to mimic a flame with short pigtails that point inward.

Shina: Name meaning Virtue. Shina is the opposite of her elder sister Hanako, in that she enjoys the gothic side of lolita instead of the light and fluffy side. they often enjoy going to conventions cosplaying together, even though their mother frets about them when they're gone. her odango are styled like bows with high pigtails.

Amaya: Name meaning Night Rain. being among the youngest girls, she is the only one who hates having such a large family. she'll do anything she can to stand out, so wears her hair reversed from the other girls. she has her odango at the base of her neck, with high pigtails. she often prefers to be alone and gets angry easily when she thinks she's being compared to anyone else.

Hoshi: Name meaning Star. she's a very intense little girl with a love for astronomy. she has spent many nights sitting at her telescope, mapping the night sky above the palace. her room is covered in charts she's drawn, and she's named many newly discovered stars. her parents often worry, and try to make sure she doesn't forget to sleep. her odango are shaped like compass points with her pigtails tied together at the base of her neck.

Kotone: Name meaning Harp Music. she's a little sweetheart who thoroughly enjoys having so many sisters and friends. but her very favorite sister is her eldest, Chibiusa. she loves that woman so much, when it came time for her to decide her odango, she chose Chibiusa's cones. she does everything she can to be exactly like Chibiusa and often begs her mother to allow her to dye her hair pink.

Izumi: Name meaning Fountain. Izumi is as calm and soothing as her namesake, and often knows just the right words to heal emotional hurts. she rarely ripples and has growing grace, though she still has her clumsy moments. she very much loves architecture and is always studying it, along with making new designs for different parts of the Palace. she wears her hair in fountain bowl shaped odango with thin short pigtails curled toward the back of her neck. 15 years old.

Seiko: Name meaning Force. Seiko is a wonderful baker and chef, and is already enrolled in a junior cooking class to hone her skills. she's constantly experimenting and using her family as taste testers. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion are just relieved there's a child in their family who is very capable with food, and often encourage her in her efforts. her hair is styled like cupcakes, which a little ribbon mimicking a cupcake wrapper wrapped around the bottom and little loops hanging from her odango. 13 years old

Rin: Name meaning Cold. Rin is a cheerful girl, despite the fact she's the shortest in the entire family, and she'll be small even in adulthood. she is nothing like her namesake, being a very warm hearted girl, though she enjoys snow themed things. she loves it when Christmas rolls around and the snow begins to fall. she is the best as making snow men among the girls, and is rather famous for her snow sculptures. she is also known for going through a lot of hair gel. her hair is styled into snowflake buns with icicle shaped pigtails. 12 years old.

Miya: Name meaning Temple. Miya is a fun little sweetheart who enjoys coloring with her crayons. she often prefers spending time with her other multi-colored eyed sisters, as she feels a little unusual having such coloring. but she rarely lets it bother her too much. she often laments that she doesn't have as pretty a hair color as most of her sisters. she has pillar shaped cylinder buns with short pigtails. 10 years old.

Ginko and Shinko: Names meaning respectively, Silvery and Golden. the last twins of the royal family, and very much typical 8 year old girls. they enjoy roller skating and blasting their favorite pop music of the month. they also enjoy glittery things, so their room is covered in glitter and sequins. they each have a heart odango with short pigtails.

Kaika: Name meaning Blossom. Kaika is the very youngest and last child. as such, she is only about 7 months old and not much of a personality yet. though she loves pancakes more than most toddlers do. she's also too young to choose her odango yet, so she just has standard buns with no pigtails. Neo Queen Serenity and others are sometimes a bit startled at how similar she seems to someone they knew in the past, especially when Ginko and Shinko playfully give her their buns...
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