31 Amigurumi in October Book Picture

Moon's Creations is releasing a book collecting all of the unique designs from the 31 Amigurumi in October, 2010 series. This book contains full-color prints of all 31 Moon Buns inspired by Japanese yokai and obakemono, as well as a description of the monsters. A great resource for any Japanese mythology fan!

As a special bonus, the Moon Buns from the 31 Amigurumi in October series 2007 - 2009 are collected in a year book style with insight behind the creative process from previous years.

Preorders will be accepted through April 14th and shipped at the beginning of May, 2011.
Why get a preorder?
Preorders are guaranteed to receive a signed copy of this book including a bonus print from the 2010 series.

Place your preorder here: [link]
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