Persephone Artemis Athena Picture

i keep intending to draw other things and then I end up drawing this instead.

i wanted a more disney-style but i failed. so fuck it.

Persephone kicks ass cus I mean, how many kidnapped chicks end up becoming queen bitch of the underworld.

Artemis has been my favorite since. idk. since I heard of greek mythology? Moon goddess ftw.

I didn't like athena for awhile, because I knew a girl named athena who i ....greatly disliked. ................
I don't..hate Athena anymore....(still not a huge fan. but I still like her than Hera.. XD)

.....i was bored. so sue me. I started reading percy jackson for the first time, which has furthered my obsession with greek mythology...even if it is all incest and rape... ...
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