Winged Victory Picture

I got inspired to do this after reading about the Winged Victory statue (aka Nike of Samothrace) in the Louvre.
Greek mythology nowadays just reminds me of Sailor Moon, and hence I thought of replacing the head and arms of the statue with those of the moon goddess Selene.
The arms are in the position they were originally thought to be from studies of the statue's torso and shoulders, and also other works depicting Nike. I am not sure if there is supposed to be a sword, but from reading about the statue, I figured it SHOULD have one, whether or not the original sculptor gave it one or not!

Obviously here I used the statue as reference for the clothes and shading, only I thinned her out a bit to make her fit in with the body proportions of the manga, and I made a few small changes to the dress, giving reference to Serenity's dress (the gold circles at the top, the underbust pearls, and the frilly edge). I designed the crown myself... just a simple putting together of crescent moons (but isn't it dramatic!).

I thought about using the proper colors, but then decided I couldn't do it justice, and kept her as a statue, and just shaded her.

I suppose if this was the real statue, and it was kept on the moon, the head and arms would never fall off due to lack of gravity.

For those of you who haven't seen the original statue and would like to see it, here's a link to a photo of it: [link]
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