Sweet Dreams Picture

This painting, titled "Sweet Dreams", was painted for a very good friend of mine who is having his first baby soon with his lovely wife. I finished this painting a little while ago, but wanted to wait until I gave it to them to post it here. The painting was done on 9" in 12" watercolor paper.

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There is a lot of symbolism with the rabbit and the moon. "The association of rabbits, hares, and the moon can be found in numerous cultures the world over — ranging from Japan to Mexico, from Indonesia to the British Isles" [link] Worldwide, from the Americas to Africa to China there are stories involving a magical rabbit, sometimes referred to as a trickster rabbit, whose mythology has been incorporated into virtually every major religion. Most often, the rabbit trickster would use its cunning and magical ability to change shape to outwit evil. The white rabbit ties directly into birth, and was therefore appropriate for a gift for a newborn child. "In Chinese folklore, female hares conceive through the touch of the full moon's light (without the need of impregnation by the male), or by crossing water by moonlight, or licking moonlight from a male hare’s fur. Figures of hares or white rabbits are commonly found at Chinese Moon Festivals, where they represent longevity, fertility, and the feminine power of yin." [link]

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