Saturn's Icy Moon Picture

Well ♄ello t♄ere w♄oeVer yoU are* mY name is EnceladUs* I hope we will get along here*If not*YoU can jUst ♄aVe a ♄ideoUslY crUddY time* >K >K >K

((Using this as a ref so here is the ref crap below))
Name: Enceladus Actiasi
Title: Reaper of Frost
Age: 4 sweeps (9 years) ((acts much older))
Symbol: (two symbols actually) Astrological sign for Saturn and moth antennae
Blood: Pale Lime
Lusus: Cassini, a Giant Moon Moth (Luna Moth Actias luna)(Communicates telapathically as they have no mouths((which of course shouldn't stop it but hey)))
Strife: Scythekind
Power: Ice manipulation and formation
Modus:Ringmodus- Cards are on a ring like keys, seems convinient but those things can be so hard to find.
Land: The Land of Hours and Desolation(temporarily till I find a better fit)
Consorts: Moths/Butterflies (Butterflies are uncommon though and only show up in the day)
Quirk: U, V, Y are capitalized as well as K, which is accompanied like this >K. Periods, apostrophes and commans are astersisks, like snow. Lower case h is the scythe of Saturn ♄.
Hive:Abandoned clock tower
Element:Ice (if not, wind as Saturn is a gas giant and very very windy)
Greek God/Mythological Figure: Saturn/Chronus
Celestial Body: I'll let you guess this one.
Font: Jasmine (although this shouldn't matter as I do not think you can use it in chat...)

Your name is ENCELADUS ACTIASI and you are 4 sweeps old so not many take you seriously but that does not matter much to you as you have previously lived your life in much isolation. This however suits you as you are quite COLD anyways. You can also be HEADSTRONG and TERSE at times. This however, is rare, as you often come across as demanding and whiney and CHILDISH. It's hard to get what you want all the time. Some of your interests are riding your lusus CASSINI, tests of skill and being important. You enjoy the internet very much as it can let you lie about your age! You have quite an affinity towards RINGS and the number 9. You hate being treated like a wriggler and crowds as well as other things.
(Enceladus is a frozen moon of Saturn which has these cool volcanic geysers that spew ice crystals into space. Hyemal=Wintery. It is dumb to harvest in winter as the plants are probably all dead. This continues their underlying theme of death that is masked by the ice and Saturn. The phrase "Death's icy hand" fits them well as their title refers to such. I'm pretty sure if I'm going to RP them seriously, they'd try to be leader((did you know Cronus was the leader of the Titans but also the youngest?(((at the time))))((also, parts of Enceladus are very young, some only thousands, not millions or billions of years old)) and try to be the one to take out Jack.
Despite Saturn earlier on being a god of harvest and crops, barely anything grows in Enceladus's land under the snow and rime, however, there are these cool frozen clocks and moths stuck in suspended animation. It is very quiet there, the only sound is your own footsteps, wind, and the ticking of your clocktower.
Cassini is a satillite that explored Saturn and some of its moons and rings((there are 9 main ones composed of rock, dust, and ice, which explains his obsession(((both of them)))) Scythekind, well the symbol for Saturn is the scythe, origonally sickle for Cronus who later on was changed to Cronos by some and blended with Chronos, the embodiment of time itself. Saturn possesses the scythe for mostly farming purposes but this triumverate I have here of Cronus, Saturn, and Death fits quite nicely.
Back to being leader((supposedly)), as leader, he would be the first to enter and I decided like Karkat and John, he would enter on his wriggling day, his 4th((although he probably feels older. IDK))which is basically his 9th birthday, which if he knew, this would be extremely important to them. Oh, and about the Saturn thing in the first place, the Family for Luna Moths is Saturniidae. Blame them.
Blood colour also goes beyond just the colour of these moths. Death is the pale horseman, usually pale green for like rot, death, you know... It would be interesting to have other planets/celestial body related players at one point for something or another and a Mars/Ares/War, Pluto/Hades/thisnormallywouldbedeathbutfaminecanworktooIguess, and a oh I don't know, Venus or Earth/ Aphrodite or Gaea/Pestilence-Pollution. Neat huh? I think I'm done here.)([link] Jade, use this, if you don't, they will, it is an excellent theme, especially when the brass kicks in)
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