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I believe I left out some important ones...but there's no more space~~~ O__Olll

CLAMP'S RG veda and X had huge impact on me. I was about 7~8 yrs. old but the bloody scenes with dismembered body parts caught my attention... wait, no...I mean the beautiful drawings of characters. I tried to understand the deep meaning behind RG veda and X, but my reading skill was very limited...XD

Chinese Paladin is totally classic. It was the first thing that taught me: man with long hair looks good too! The storyline was great, the art was gorgeous and inspiring. (not to mention the game play was awesome~)

Sailor Moon: Read back in 3~5 grade. Haven't seen it since 1999 though. First thing that triggered the comic artist spirit in me. (there was also this greek mythology based manga that made me started "MYth", but I can't remember its's strange, I can't even recall actually reading the manga.)

Sora Omote's sketches and drawing are just beautiful and solid. I love her traditional works...

Red River is rated 18+ in America, but I read chinese published versions during 7th grade. The storyline is EPIC. you can tell how much research and hard work the artist put in just to complete this graphic novel. her detailed drawings of the outfit and jewelry are amazing, and her characters felt so real that they touch your heart. I got interested in Hittite culture just because of Red River.

Studio Ghibli, no need to explain. Miyazaki's works....GODLY! EPIC! AWESOME!!

Domoto Tsuyoshi: artist in many many ways. Great singer, musician, song writer, lyricist, actor, painter, designer, fashion trend setter.... he is totally inspiring for being just himself.

I love ancient cultures (china, egypt, greece, inca, etc...)

Icelog is so skilled at detailed drawings of buildings, and she has such an eye for creating environments with touch of fantasy. (her oekaki skill is a KILLER) Yet I can't believer her career is medical doctor.

Obata Takeshi: another GODLIKE being to me. his skill with copic maker is just unbelievable.

Nao Tsukichi has really creative way to embellish pretty characters with insane amount of detailed jewelry/flowers/decorative.

Shinkai Makoto: the one man animation studio. also, his background painting skill is simply amazing.

da Vinci: what else can I say about the Renaissance Man?

artistic cosplay photos many times give me lots of inspirations on illustrations.

FMA (first animated version): the story touched me deeply. After the first episode I was hooked and already cared about the Elric brothers. It made me wonder how I can create characters like them, where readers can feel for them as well.

Nature: millions of precious inspirations.

LOTR + movie vis dev team: This epic story was brought to life by the vis dev staff. among them, Alan Lee who did the illustrations for the novel, his art is totally gorgeous. I always wonder how to visualize an imaginary place and make it so real...

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