Lilith Picture

oh man, I'm exhausted~! It's past 3am, and this took a long time to finish. I'm slow at all this because I'm probably not equipped in enough skills to know all the shortcuts in Photoshop. D:

Since I completed my finals, I've been dying to draw something and upload it to dA, but my art was looking bland and rusty. I noticed after my hiatus that people have taken a liking to my Sailor Moon fan art, so I took the time and decided to create something that you would all (hopefully) enjoy. <3

So here is my character Sailor Lilith. In eastern mythology, Lilith (also called Dark Moon or Black Moon) is Earth's second moon. In Mesopotamian mythology, Lilith is considered a demon and bearer of disease, illness and death (info taken from wiki). I know the idea of using Lilith for a senshi has been done so many times before by tons of people, and in my opinion, most of them have depicted her to look menacing/dark.

I suppose she could be an evil character, but I tried not to give her appearance away as such. Her image as a cute, loveable senshi could also be a veil of the true Lilith, a darker and more mysterious character. It also makes sense that there are enemies introduced in the SM series from the "Black Moon Clan" and "Dead Moon Circus," for example, which could imply a second moon's existence. (It's been a while since I have watched/read the series, so forgive me if I'm wrong.) <3

Made in OC1, OC4.5 and CS2. Naoko's art is too unique and beautiful for me to replicate... I really had to do my homework and look for reference images to compliment her style. It's not easy. <3

Full view / download is highly recommended!!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
Lace brushes © ~buki
Snow brushes © ~michmellow

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