Faelyn - Under the Blood Moon Picture

This is my character, but I made her for
Faelyn is a High Priestess of Luna. There's a legend that when mass murders occur, Luna will shed tears of blood over the
moon's surface, causing the Blood Moon. [This is all part of the story. I don't think Greek/[Roman] mythology have that.
Anywho, since Faelyn can have a connection with the Goddess, she's very sensitive to when the Blood Moon occurs, or so I feel she should be. If she sees it, she'd probably get uber disturbed and burst into tears.

But yea. So this picture shows a moment when Faelyn encounters a Blood Moon. She's shaking and unsure of herself. I love how she looks in this pic. I'm looking forward to coloring it, but not until finals are over.
Oooo! I bet you can't guess what color Faelyn's hair is! Or what color her eyes are! XD Give it a try. Get close and maybe I'll draw you something. You only get three tries though! X3
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