Moon Arcana:Ah Ciliz (Read Analysis) Picture

"I am thou...Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come..."
Yes I did my own Persona from my arcana, The moon. The Moon tarot symbolizes dreams and your own mind as well as surroundings. Moon arcana personas are often Moon Gods, have a psychic sense of themselves or surroundings, or evil beings that commit treason. They usually are Magic Knights at the expense of their agility or luck.
My initial persona is the Mayan God of Eclipse, Ah Ciliz. Ah Ciliz is said to be a servant of the sun, waiting for his master at the table to come. He will then devour him causing a solar eclipse.
His helm is based on feathered serpents which were well known in Mesoamerica as well as having Mesoamerican armor. He also holds a staff with a spear on one side and a skull in the other(a hint to sacrifices common in Mesoamerica.) He is also biting on a sun which references his role in mythology and has two moons phasing out.
Summon Quote:"I am Ah Ciliz, the devourer of the sun. I shall protect my other half and devour those that dare oppose us."
Level:6 Strength:13 Magic:11 Endurance:5 Agility:8 Luck:4
Resistances:Resists Light and Dark, Weak to Wind and Silence
Innate: Skewer
Innate: Agi
Innate: Bufu
Lv8: Double Fangs
Lv14: Gale Slash
Lv18: Agilao
Lv19: Bufula
Lv28: Brain Shake
Lv35: Power Slash
Lv43: Heatwave
Lv50: Agidyne
Lv51: Bufudyne
Lv57: Power Charge
Lv58: Mind Charge
Lv64: Vile Assault
Lv68: Null Fire
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