..::Selene::..The Goddess of the Moon Picture

Yes....I used the Goddess Maker in Azaleasdolls.com to make it.And since the Romans are too lazy to appreciate her as a proper goddess,she just....faded.I made my character,Zyrene Ritual,the reincarnation of her,so she carries her spirit.But that takes conditions...Zyrene has to take the appearance of Selene(which is having blonde hair,cerulean blue eyes,and pale skin),and that made the Gods of every mythology mistake Zyrene as the goddess herself.
Selene has lots of counterparts.Her Roman counterpart is Luna.Here are some more(to my view,at least)
Khons = Egyptian god of the moon
Mayari = Filipino goddess of the moon
Chang'e = Chinese goddess of the moon
There are more,but I'm too lazy to write them all down.They come at different genders.Zyrene carries the spirits of all lunar deities,as well as stellar ones.One can say she's almost at the level of a Celestial Being.
Here's the link to the Lunar deities: [link]

Call Zyrene a mary-sue if you want,I don't care.Zyrene is what I want her to be.If Percy Jackson can be the son of Poseidon,why can't Zyrene be the reincarnation of all the Lunar deities?

Note: Zyrene can change back to her "normal" form by putting on a necklace given to her by either Artemis or Hestia.If anyone is confused with her nationality,she's Filipino.
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