Mythologies - Hera Picture

Hera, wife of Zeus and I suppose also archetypal model for femininity and motherhood. In the stories Hera is a vengeful and jealous Goddess of Olympos. Her husband Zeus in constantly playing around with young inexperienced girls, and Hera is taking her vengence at them, instead of confronting Zeus. Well, in this image Hera is desperate because "new Hera" has emerged and her beloved husband, stony Zeus has finally fallen down from the pedestal where she kept him.

I was a bit amazed that the picture turned out be like this, but this is what I got. I love the flutist (perhaps she is the new archetype for femininity) and it was really fun making the clouds around her. And the woman crying on the column was a perfect find for this image. Marcus J. Ranum is a genious as a photographer, really happy that he shares his stock here in DA!

The credits for this one goes to:

Textures by
-Eve Livesey Blue Water
-Benji303 Clouds of Pandora
-Hexe78 nmb texturepack 17_8 (18)

Models by Mjranum
-Bringing the night

Pattern on the flutist by FMR Satin

Statue by Miaoaoaoao

Moon by Spiritsighs Moons 1

Water by
-Lileya Abstract water 1 & 2
-Moonglowlily Watersplash 2
-Xara24 waterbrush 4

Clouds by Lord Andre Clouds -brush

Vines by Maria Loikkii

Glittersmoke by Readheastock SS Glittersmoke
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