The Moon card Picture

Brief description

The Redeemer standing in front of a full moon, in his left hand a set of antique keys, in his right hand the symbol for Venus (also for woman), wolves encircle him, they are hunting, but he is not the prey.

Mythology and Symbolism

The Redeemer is the shadow of the Wellspring, he is effectively the god of nothing as she is the goddess of everything. He is seen as genderless and faceless (though the male pronoun "he" is often applied to him as a contrast to "she" being applied to the Wellspring. He is not evil, but he is neither good, he is a force of entropy, the necessary decay that happens in life to ensure the cycle continues. He is simply another part of the natural order and is revered as such, though there are very few who would choose a religion based around the Redeemer as he is far less welcoming than the Wellspring, even though they are essential to each other.

Symbolically almost everything visible is connected to the main theme of the Moon card which is mystery, both the good and the bad aspects of mystery depending on how the card is pulled. The wolves represent the wild and unknowable force that is nature. They are connected to the moon through the mythology of the lycanthope as well, but their main purpose here is to indicate the wilds or nature and of our own wild spirit that we feel especially when the moon is full. The symbol of Venus is representing femininity as well as the mysterious force that we as women are, both confusing and yet very alluring to some men. The moon also has strong associations with females as our bodies run on a 28 day cycle just like the moon does. The keys symbolize opening or closing, generally of knowledge, often of sacred or forbidden knowledge. They have been long used as keys to knowledge, but have implications of initiation and mystery as they often lock away secrets that we don't want others to know.

Meaning: Dreaming, illusion, intuition and senses, peace achieved at a high price, primal instinct, uncertainty, regret or longing for times past, mysteries revealed, secrets kept.

Reverse Meaning: Hidden enemies, deception, darkness and fear of hidden truths, danger from unknown forces.

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