WIP - sketch Sun and Moon Picture

WIP sketch. =w=" sorry for low quality.., my scanner doesn't work so I have to take a photo by digital camera.

Sketch for my 2D design final project. Trying to do art nouveau style.. (As the teacher said too much about Mucha this and Mucha that.. blah blah. x_x)

I don't know what to draw so I choose Greek mythology as a base background. Only Apollo and Artemis for now, I have no time to draw all of Gods and Goddesses. (If I had enough time, I'd do 12+1 Zodiac already. ;w;..)

I try to add some thai-ish things here. = =a I feel it's a little strange but the teacher likes that. Next one is.. thai pattern for clothing.

Have to draw about 3-4 more sketch then choose one to color it. orz...
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