The title of this image refers to a biblical or mythical creature named "LILITH". Some believe that she was the first woman and had very negative ideas about being Adams inferior so she left him to live a loose life with the Demons by the Red Sea. When Adam complained to God, he sent 3 Angels to bring her back, but she refused. There she remained to spawn demon children called Lilim, hearing this God demanded that she return to Adam or he would take all of her demon children away from her, in doing so Lilith took her revenge by stealing new borns, small children and tormenting the new mothers. The story continues, but I thought, I would just give a short version of it. There are many sites on the web about this, so if you are interested in finding out more, you will be able to find it there. I do n't know if this is fact or fiction or how much it applies to religion, my images are usually named for different mythologies and the name Lilith kept coming up and I thought the story was interesting.

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