Figure 106 - New Moon and Winter King Picture

I recently wrote a story of which I won't share cause it crap where Zifeya, Almakian Moon Goddess seemed like a little kid. That seemed like a more interesting direction to take the character than generic prettyface. So that's now what's happening. I gave her a bouncy ball. One side is painted black, and the other looks like it has a rabbit walloped into it. Plus for Mythology Reference.

Winter King is an idea I had where the seasons were represented by Tokusatsu-based Knights, and the Winter King is the Knight of Winter. I had this really cool idea to have chained-up legs, because in winter, you can chain up your tires for better handling. I think. Don't quote me on that, though. I thought it was cool to do to legs, though. Also, Icicles everywhere.
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