Moon Rabbits Picture

One of the nice things about going to a college such as U of C is that you meet all sorts of interesting people with many diverse cultural backgrounds. This drawing, for one, was based off of a part of the Chinese tale of "The Monkey and the Monk" (also known as "Journey to the West") that my roomie told me.

The tale basically goes that there was a lovely woman living on the moon with a bunch of rabbits, until one of these rabbits saw the monk (Tripitaka) and the monkey (Sun Wukong) traveling along and decided it wanted to eat the monk (because in that tale every demon and his brother wants to have a lovely monk supper). So the rabbit turns itself into a beautiful woman to seduce the monk and then eat him, but of course Sun Wukong and company rescues the monk and beats up the demon rabbit.

It's partially due to tales like this that I really, really love mythology.
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