Noragami FC: Tsukiyomi- God of the moon Picture

why am i posting shit here?

anyway this is tsukiyomi the god of the moon (or my characterization of him)

God type: creation(?)

backstory: (keeping some of the original lore here) He was revered as a beautiful pure god in the days of old, many prayed to him for various things, be it beauty, guidance in the dark, or protection. His shrines were always kept beautiful and peaceful and he had aquired many regalia to guard them. at a gathering of gods at his shrine however, the goddess of food and beverage had made many errors, first by bringing insufficient and unworthy food to the gathering and then by spilling sake all over his shrine tiles, this angered the vain god and for it he challenged her to combat which she could not refuse. as result he killed her and her regalias. the other gods, though they did not intervene with customs, found his actions both unnecessary and evil, and condemned him to punishment, taking away his sight, upon this his sister amaterasu, goddess of the sun, shunned him and makes sure he has no way of contacting her- it is why the sun and moon shall never meet in the same sky.

Personality: Vain, untrusting, recluse

Likes: Night time, his regalias, tea and hot cider, sweets (especially dango and mochi), and the ocean (he loves the ocean)

dislikes: Day time, women (oh hay an actual trait i hate in people i apply to a character, he's kinda sexist), tart foods, birds (their noise bothers him)

the dog thing is one of his regalias that actually shares his name, it was also his first regalia, the god goes by the name tsuki (rather than tsukiyomi) and his regalia goes by yomi. Yomi acts as his eyes, and is also very powerful holding many celestial abilities. Yomi, even in his disguised form, is a stern animal and will not act like a typical dog, he does not play and being approached by anyone but his master or treated like a dog he finds disrespectful-- much so he will often ask his master if he has permission to kill or harm said person god or spirit acting like that towards him. besides this he is all business, protecting his master and killing phantoms are the only thing he cares about and on number of times has nearly died for just that.
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