DKA- Akane Moon Picture


Name: Akane Ju Moon (茜 菊 문)

Age: 110 (still considered a child)

Occupation: Student

Class: Enchanter

Subclass: Priestess

Level:Level 1

Race/Details: Alien/A Vulpiton from the planet Animus.

The people of her planet actually came to earth a long time ago and influenced much of the East Asian culture. Her family specifically was responsible for the presence of fox legends into the mythology. In China they were called Huli jing who could be seen as either good or bad depending on their actions. In Japan they were called Kitsune which were said to be either could either a messenger to the fox god Inari or a shapeshifting demon. Finally in Korea were known as Kumiho who could easily deceive humans or vise versa. Those of her family live very long life spans and every 100 years they grow another tail and when they reach the age of 1000 they receive their ninth tail and their hair and fur turn white. However they do not live forever and they are not indestructible in fact most die from the same diseases and injuries as any human would.

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 106 lbs.

Personality: Honest, Direct, Strong-willed, Dutiful, Calm, Stubborn, Insensitive, Judgemental

Integrity is the heart of Akane’s personality type. Emotional manipulation, mind games and reassuring lies all run counter to her hold in the reality of the situations she encounters with plain and simple honesty. She stays focused and meets all her goals and is always committed. She makes clear rational decisions in any situation keeping her cool. Akane though is stubborn and will reject any idea that she doesn’t support and she finds it hard to admit she’s wrong. She sometimes doesn’t take people’s feelings into account and can seem very cold but she doesn’t mean to. To Akane facts are facts and those who disagree with facts are too ignorant to earn any respect from her. She also has a habit of blaming herself.



-reasonable people


-comfy clothes

-Hot springs


-Stupid people

-Extreme temperatures



-loud noises


Akane was born as a twin with her raven-haired sister Akune, who was born with the tail and ears of an arctic fox instead of a red fox like the rest of the family. As according to tradition they were both given two names a first name in Japanese and middle name in Chinese and then took the Korean family name Moon, their full names are written in respect to which language they came from. From a young age Akane was very interested in the traditions of her family as well as ancient magic. Her sister on the other hand was a troublemaker and often brought her sister down with her.

After several years passed Akune became a priestess of the Moon families Inari shrine, like most girls in her family. Things seemed to be going well for her, but then suddenly tragedy struck. Akune had been dabbling in dark magic and while performing a ritual she allowed a dark demon to possess her. The demon was insane and murderous killing all in it’s path, including the twin girls’ parents and siblings. Akane tried to protect them and failed. With several attempts of trying to separate the demon from her sister Akane realized the only way to stop her sister was to kill her. When the authorities arrived what they found was a blood soaked Vulpiton...cradling the sister she had just murdered...

Power Skills:

Weapons/s: Sickle and chain

Melee Attacks: none

Long Distance attack:

-Heat of the moment: She can use the chain on her sickle to wrap up an enemy and send fire down the chain at them.


-Flame barrier: using her spiritual powers Akane can create a barrier around her attacking allies allowing them to attack an enemy without being harmed but the barrier only lasts a few minutes and if you’re not careful you can be burned.

-Hot bite: when an alli gets injured Akane can bite the wounded area and inject her magic into the person allowing it to heal them.

Ultimate attack :

-Blazing Sun: Akane collects all of her energy and fire into a big ball and then fires it at her enemies (kind of like Kamehameha from DBZ)

Item List:

-A lionmouse named Ji

-her priestess uniform

-a Sanshin

-family photo album


-she has a fear of dolls
-she can sing

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