Moon Girl Picture

The backstory behind this is really sudden, actually.
So, when I was is English class one day, we were working on describing words and stuff, and this weird image popped into my head, A girl riding on a wolf And thus my imagination went on a rollercoaster of ideas (plus having ADD made it REALLY hard to pay attention XD)

And then I made my own mythology, which I did a few times 2 yrs. ago, but it failed miserably. She doesn't have a name yet, if anyone has any suggestions please comment! I was thinking of Celina, which means "moon" in Polish, or Celestryn, which means "heavenly" in Polish. The mythology is a mix between Norse and Greek, so yer....

Tools/Programs used:
Corel Painter Essentials 4 (trial version)
Adesso Cybertablet 12000
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