Moon Folks Picture

Moon Girl
Princess Idola of Hyperborea/Clare Lune
The Happy Houlihans v1 #1 1947 EC

Moon Man
Prince Mengu of the
Gargareans/Lionel Manning
The Happy Houlihans v1 #1 1947 EC

Selena Brown
Moon Girl Fights Crime v1 #7 1949 EC
A Hyperborean Amazon stolen from the Hidden Valley. She escaped and was eventually adopted by the Browns of Delta City.

E.C. Comics will always be known more for its horror titles than anything else, but once upon a time they had a superhero. A. One. Singular. And she's far better known for the variations her title went through than anything between the covers. Moon Girl was such an obvious Wonder Woman rip-off - right down to the amazing air-ship - that it only made sense to work her into the mythology. Hippolyta was one of four sister and DC had already introduced three tribes of Amazons, so the Amazons of Hyperborea ended up descended from

A splinter group of Amazons descended from those who fought in the Trojan War. They were blessed by the gods Adrestia, Anteros, and Enyo due to the actions of their queen
Penthesilea and the (post-mortum) love of Achilles. The gods removed the Amazons to a hidden valley somewhere in Western Asia and Lyce became their queen. They named the kingdom Hyperborea.

The Gargareans
Warrior men of the Trojan War chosen as breeding stock for the Amazons by their gods.

While the Hyperborean Amazons and the Gargareans were not immortal they were extremely long lived due to the blessings of their gods.

Moulton Marston would have loved this... Prince Mengu (I know, I know - the jokes write themselves... all over the shower wall) maybe wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and, if the series had carried on, would probably have had to have been rescued about as often as Hawkgirl (but not nearly so often as Steve Trevor or Lois Lane), but he was brave and true and powerful. Actually, he was even stronger than Moon Girl without her Moon Gem, but with it she whooped him which is what sent him to be a physical education instructor in America. He was most definitely the sub in this particular romance.

Moon Girl et al were originally published by E.C. Comics which is now part of the Time Warner Empire, but I have been assured that sometime twixt her introduction and now Moon Girl fell into the Public Domain. Or she was maintained by the
Gaines Estate, in which case I am receiving no monetary benefits from this work of fan art. The picture is mine.

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