Hati, the moon eater Picture

so like funny story on hati. in common Norse mythology, hati is a gigantic wolf, brother of skoll, offspring of fenrir, who chases and eventually devours the moon. when i first learnt this, i wanted to use him in one of my stories (as it uses many mythical beasts and such) but i imagined him as an umbrin instead of a wolf, but he hadn't fully become an umbrin. this version of hati is a spawn of the a dark dragon lord and the great fenrir (who is a wolf...) so he would of been born deformed, but the only way he could survive his early years was to build his body from eternal liquid darkness. resulting in a very strange creature. there's a long story that i'll explain some time later but long story short, he ate the moon and killed his brother, but i'll get into that some time later. since hati is flowing with the element of darkness, he used some of the energy to create a serpentine wolf creature. it resembled most of his features other than his third set of arms, it had eye's and fur and the creature wasn't composed of darkness. hati named the creature Umbrin, and the story begins from there. so now you know umbrins origins and good night.

Hati (umbrin version) (c)
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