Marvel's Moon Knight Pages Picture

Yo!! I know I said I was going to do Cap for my submission pages to Marvel for the Wizard World Con…but I just wasn’t feeling him, ya’ know. I brainstormed for awhile and asked a couple of my buddies who I should use in my submission. They told me to pick someone I was really comfortable with. So I chose Moon Knight. I know quite a bit about him and I really love drawing the character. After I drew that MK awhile back….I got a lot of folks saying I should submit to Marvel using him…so...I listened..( after a month or two...hehe). And here I am.

Now, these are just my prelims/layouts before I blow them up to 11X17 and lightbox them. The BG’s will be tighter, folks…I assure you
I was going to do just 3 pages ( as said by Joe Quesada…it’s all you REALLY need to show whether you can do the job or not) ..But I usually do 4. So…who knows?

The story in this little skit is that Marc Spector goes back to his CIA roots and wants to systematically take out the criminal element. Unfortunately, Khonshu - The Egyptian God that granted him the mantle of MK – is calling the shots. He seems to be hunting representations of Egyptian mythology...i.e. Scorpion, The Beetle...etc. That will lead him to cross paths with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!!

Enough of my babbling…

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