[#88 Ra] Enchanting Night at Moon Palace Picture

A Countdown to the Mid Autumn Festival! Anyone who's Chinese or living among Chinese communities here? This time Element 88 features as the Jade Rabbit.
Jade Rabbit has been busy making rabbit lanterns and magic elixir lately, guess why she's pushing herself so hard? Moon cakes for sure! After she finished 17 lanterns, she takes a really leisure day off and snatches some moon cakes.
As soon Radium finished 1.5 moon cakes, a feral Radon suddenly appears.
" Should I ration the moon cakes? You're now experiencing a weight surge..."
Then Radium slams the fridge door, pouring a cup of green tea and grabs a star fruit from the basket.
"Hmm... Danuta! Isn't it a healthier alternative celebrating Mid Autumn's?"
"Glad that you're now giving up high cal foods like pastries, waffles and moon cakes...*smiles*"
"In fact actually Radium's foods have gone to her height and umm... her boobs, she's already 176cm tall But weight is something in first priority..." Radon whispers to herself "I'm just taunting her but her waist is getting..."
Now Radium is playing with her fluffy companions inside the Moon Palace... Not exactly but a sanctuary on Earth. What she's holding is a lantern bearing some resemblance to her: a pink bunny girl with a rose bow. On her tail is a tag with Radium's initials and atomic number. Since Radium is afraid of fire, instead her lantern is powered with batteries. Such practice is performed in modern reproductions of Chinese paper lanterns, due to strengthened safety rules. On the ceiling are the traditional Chinese pillars. They're often meticulously ornamented particularly in palaces and pagodas. If anyone by chance watched "the Empress of China" serial or been to China, you can appreciate the elaborate architecture in every corner.
The balcony is constructed from Liu Li glass: a Chinese glass art famous for its extraordinary colour palettes. In Taiwan there's one prominent studio called "Liu Li Gong Fang" (literally Crystal Glass Workshop) producing artistic glass pieces. Such pieces are gaining popularity worldwide as premium home decorations or even gifts. With a long history of more than 2000 years, the main components of Liu Li are barium oxide and lead oxide. Cobalt compounds are sometimes used in production. By coincidence,
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