Sailor Moon: Usa and Baku with Cats Picture

Usa and Baku are with their cats.

Usa's cat's name is Mikazuki or Mika for short. Mika is a pale white gold color, she is female.

Mikazuki is Japanese for every third moon.
Mika is Japanese for new moon.

Baku' cat's name is Oneiri (pronounced Oh-n-ee-r-ee) or Oni (pronounced Oh-n-ee) for short.
Oni is a dark midnight blue almost black color. He is male and has one red eye and one dark blue eye) However he is not your average cat, more to come on this later in another drawing.

Oni's name comes from Greek mythology, Oneiri means dream and is either the son Nyx (night) and brother to Hypnos (Sleep) or is the son of Hypnos, thus the grandchild of Nyx.

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