The Sun and the Moon Picture

I still suck at titles. :'<

Okay so this one has a story with it! So here goes:

Once upon a time there was a trigoddess of the moon named Lune who fell in love with mortal named Taran. For him she gave up her pedestal and came to earth. As a wedding gift for the lovers her sisters blessed them with the power to shift in to the form of wolves.

Many many MANY years down the road they were still in love and their children had already grown up and started lives of their own. So they decided to take a trip to an island, sort of a retreat.

While there they found a little girl, lost and afraid wandering the beach. Her hair was the color of a rich setting sun with eyes the color of a sunlit orange. Immediately they set about looking for her parents but none were found. The adopted her and named her Sunbeam.

Many years passed and it was discovered the fallen child was no ordinary child but an actual ray from the sun, a child of light. Now she lives with the moon goddess and her new family, waiting and hoping one day the great sun father will find her and want her back in to his life.

The end.
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