Flight to the Moon (by Lu Xun) Picture

A video I did for a school project. here >> youtu.be/6L2FYtAcQ4U

This was originally a old myth of the story if Chang-ngo, the goddess on the moon. Later the Chinese writer Lu Xun wrote a new version of the myth.(the original myth isn't like this)
I shorted the English version and made this video.
This project took me roughly two months to finish (but I only worked on it during the weekends)
It was a great fun but the problem is I can't keep my art in the same style XDDDD

(The weird 4:3 size of the video is because it was originally made for powerpoint presentation. )

(Special thanks to the youtuber SIPS and Turps XDD
I listened and relistened to them playing don't starve in the background while I drew these pictures XDDD )

Flight to the Moon
Written by: Lu Xun (Lu Hsun)
Translated by: Marxists Internet Archive
Shorten& Illustrated & Read by: Me ^^

For the whole English version, go to : www.marxists.org/archive/lu-xu…
For the original Chinese version, go to:

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Made by: 連科技威力導演14、Photoshop、SAI、Audacity
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