Lady of the Moon Picture

how queer, the title has significance yet again! Don't worry, I won't continue this disturbing trend any longer than I have to, rest assured.

Spontaneous scrabble done when my computer oh so kindly ate the painting I was working on. Yes, I was exactly that smart and I didn't save it before the laptop bluescreened on me.

Ten minutes of threatening to impale the computer on my alarm clock later, I started doodling on the pad, not at all inspired to try and redo the darn thing. And instead an equally horrifying creation appeared before me.

I blame working on Tails' character sheet for the boards; that's why I've been thinking about her recently, which lead to this messiness. It's just really not nice to stick a unisys in a human body, especially if she's going to be stuck there for a good couple thousand years. And Tails is a nice unisys!

Blame Alay; she's the one who dodged her duty and ended up having it stuck on Tails instead.

Lady of the Moon is blahblah important blah because blurbleblah another of Artemis's titles in mythology, and references the mystics who are born of seafoam and moonlight and dreams. Yaddaya.

Because this is a messy piece of scrablash I actually prefer the lined one. Doesn't that say lovely things about my art? Anyway, this is the even messier version with all the nice fat black lines from sketching.
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