The Moon Goddess Kinteria Picture

Across the stars a bow is strung, one of light and sky, moon and star
Into the heavens it is aimed, to a hidden enemy waiting to strike
Fear the new moon, for it is when they will arrive
A crash unlike any before it or any to follow..
So fear the new moon, pray that she will be waiting for them, our Goddess
She will wait eternity for them, on guard to save us, our goddess Kinteria...

This is my Goddess Kinteria, she is all mine, well 75% mine, I will admit to taking some of her for old Greek mythology...her brooch and necklace make up her bow, the crescent moon the bow, and the "star" the arrow, and is a source of power to her, it helps strength her during full moon when her "bow" is hard to use...her hair sucked to draw...and she has a long neck hahaheeeeh

Oh and she is supposed to be laying down on her back with her hair spread around her
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