[Ref]Sailor Pale Moon Picture

I've been working on this little by little since I realized I haven't given her love in a long time. My own OC guilt tripped me into making her a ref! I forgot how fun she is to draw out! My love her is reawakening!
Full name: Helia Awai Serene Tsukino
Parents: Queen Lady Serenity and King Helios
Known as: Princess Pale Serene and Princess Helia
Likes: purple, lilacs, fruit, reading, meditating, helping those in need, mythology, the legend of Sailor Moon
Dislikes: vegetables, overly sweet food, math, people that harm others
Personality: Helia is a very sweet and caring girl. She always thinks about others, and constantly tries to help. She loves to laugh and be with the people she loves. Thanks to her constant meditation, she is very patient.
Art and OC(C)me
Sailor Moon uni.(C)Naoko Takeuchi
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