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As you can imagine, I, like many others, have been inspired by the official announcement of the next games in the Pokémon franchise: Pokémon Sun and Moon.
So I kinda did something where I kinda wanted the playable characters to look something like these two characters here (aagghh why is there so many romance couple bases and no friend couple bases...come on fantage community!!!). It seems highly unlikely that they will be official characters, but I'm pretty sure that the upcoming games will need all the fan art it can get so people know about it. Besides people already are making something, I already saw some deviant here already made special Eeveeloution icons devoted to the new games xD.
Anyway, I'll do a bit of explaining since it's a bit hard to figure out anything with the filters there.

Since many of the older Pokémon games have named their playable characters after the versions of the games available, I'll dub these two characters Sun (boy on left) and Moon (girl on right).
I've noticed that there aren't any red-haired or blonde playable characters yet so I did that for their hair colors. Also, I think I've made the girl look more like she'd be a side character in the anime than actually taking up a main role in the video games xDDD. Seriously, she looks like she'd be a 5 year old anime character, she's really cute looking and I loved her hair's result. The boy was also nice at the end, his hair is slightly longer than most boys' hairs, so the whole time I thought he was from some K-Pop band xDDD.
Sorry if the filters don't make it visible, but their shirts actually have the sun and moon symbols (on the respective characters, of course) from the official logos seen from the announcement. Thought it'd be a nice touch if I did that there.

I also have a few ideas about the game that I was kinda thinking during making this (I was streaming this as well so I told my visitors about them). I have a feeling that this game will be some kind of ancient+modern mix since the sun and moon kinda sound like they may have some mythology hinted. So maybe the Pokémon will be based off of mythological creatures, maybe best known in Japan since that'll be the easiest thing for them to work with since I'm pretty sure they've heard of most of them (ex. Lombre is a Pokémon inspired by the kappa, a sea creature in Japanese mythology, so they definitely know stuff about that.)
Also, I was going to add special bags for them since every official art of every playable Pokémon character is depicted with their special bag. But then I suddenly thought that maybe the bag differ between the two versions of the game, rather than with gender. For example, maybe those who have Sun will have a bookbag with sun patterns and those with Moon will have a bookbag with moon patterns. This thing will also be present when the players are in multiplayer, where the bags would clearly tell them what version of the game they're playing. And I've noticed that with every generation of Pokémon, whether anyone asks or not, we always wonder which version of the game is more popular (my irl friends debated with me about this back when we got Black and White... especially since that game actually had a poll feature on it). The different colored bags may help answer that question. I don't know why or how I thought of this. It seems like it'd be a nice touch, but it actually sounds like it'd be hard to program to be honest. So maybe not.

There were also a few ideas I've had even before this game was announced. Back when I was still in my fall term this school year, I actually did think that maybe Pokémon should bring back giving more prominent roles to family members like they did in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, where one of the gym leaders was the player's father. (Heck, this is the only Pokémon generation that I know where the player's father actually exists xD.) I've always thought that the player should have a older sibling that didn't stay at home because she got a job, but would visit the player over the years (as backstory), assuming that the player has always looked up to their older sibling. The player's mother would mention the sibling too, but not their job, because later it would be revealed that the whole time apparently the player knew that their older sibling was so talented that they are the current Pokémon Champion of the region. And to make this story better hidden, the player's mom wouldn't mention their sibling's name as well as their job because naturally she'd assume that you know who she's talking about, while everyone else knows your sibling's name and mention her over time (probably saying stuff like "Are you going to try to challenge the Pokémon Champion, <insertsibling'sname>?") but don't know that you're related to them.
I've actually had that idea for a while and tried my best to keep it in my memory so I could maybe make a fan-manga about it. It'd surely make a great plot twist... except if this idea actually does end up making into the final game, because then by reading this you'd probably already know what would happen.

Well that was a ton to type. xD
Hopefully those of you who read the whole description didn't die on me. xDDD

Again, THIS IS FANMADE. This is not necessarily what will be on the game and will most likely not be in the game at all to begin with.
...and yes they're holding Poké Balls xD

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