Moon concept sketch Picture

Old old sketch from my second semester of my first college year.

The idea of Moon popped into my head very vagely throughout the past I like deer, especially myths and legends about them, they're a symbol of fertility and leadership (as well as a number of other things).

I was listening to Lacuna Coil's- Our Truth, and I came up witht his freehanded pen sketch. I know it's anatomically incorrect but it was only a doodle, so that I wouldn't forget, nothing too fancy here.
If you look at one of my more recently made submissions of Moon (that was digitally made) I have the story summary of the back story for this charecter.
He's takes the form of both a stag and a human. I changed his features A LOT since I drew this, his horns can resemble tree limbs, he's 6 foot at shoulder too.
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