Selene - Greek Moon Goddess (scan) Picture

Here is the scanned version.

Had no inspiration, so I did a little search about greek mythology (I love it). I found Selene. I worked an entire day on this drawing (but it was so much fun!).

For fun - Few informations about this beautiful goddess!

Selene (Séléné in french) is the greek goddess of the moon. She is the daugther of two Titans (Hyperion & Theia) and the sister of Helios (sun god) and Eos (Dawn goddess). She is also called Mene. Selene is often represented wearing a fluid white (or silver) dress. She's is also ridding a white horse or a white bull. Like her brother Helios who drives his chariot across the sky each day, Selene is also said to drive across the heavens. She's often represent wearing a reversed crescent moon on her head.
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