Rabbit+Moon Picture

The rabbit is an A3 acrylic painting I did early 2013, late 2012, not sure, but it was for my AS Art1 project, yet it never got finished. It was my art lecturer's idea to go a bit wild and try out skeletons, because I was working on skeletons in graphic design, anyway I wasn't very fond of it and it took way too much time and made me move on, not to finish this piece, which is notable seen if looking at the lower spine, hip & thigh bone, it hasn't been painted in. My project was rabbits and it was to look back to mythology and folklore with them, and of course, rabbits are highly associated with the moon, hence I wanted it to be seen, I was going to get a chunk of a story in the image but I felt like I was cluttering it too much, so a little quote was inserted instead.
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