Paper Moon - lines Picture

Fullview plz?
Psst! You can color it, just make sure to say where you got the lines from. :3

Her name is Shaylee. That translates to "Fairy Princess of the Field," by the way.
I tried to draw a boy, actually. You might be able to tell because of the wide shoulders and the fact that the bangs look like they were an afterthought (which they kind of were).
The wings were the total afterthought here. ~Kishia found the name and I loved it, and seeing how its translation involves "Fairy", I figured, why not?
I wanted to draw her in a schoolgirl outfit as an experiment. Not too shabby...

*ANL (possible) Spoiler - don't read if you won't want*
~kilala30144 happened to be talking about yaoi while I was drawing this, about two of our characters, William and Artemis (which is a guy, contrary to the feminine name). Well, Art hates girls, and William is his best friend, so...fellow yaoi fangirls can guess where her mind wandered.
Anyway. "Kami," which is William's Shadow (Mage) Name, means "paper" in Japanese. And Artemis in Greek Mythology is the Goddess of the moon.
So maybe...
Hey, you never know. Art's primary Arcana is dealing with Life arts, after all. She wouldn't have to be born through the appendix ([link]).
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