Fenrir Picture

A monstrous son of Loki and Angrboda foretold to bring eventual disaster, the gods brought Fenrir back to Asgard when he was just a pup. Vicious even then, only the god Tyr dared go near and feed Fenrir. Much to the gods dismay Fenrir grew rapidly, and so it was decided the monstrous wolf was to be bound.
Using his pride against him, the gods challenged Fenrir to break the two fetters they had made. However he broke through both, so the gods turned to dwarves to fashion a third. Using bizarre materials like the footsteps of a cat and breath of a fish, they fashioned Gleipnir. While incredibly thin, Gleipnir held strong and Fenrir found himself unable to break free. In revenge, he bit off Tyr's hand. Due to not wanting to defile holy ground with death, the gods thrust a sword into the bound Fenrir's jaws to prevent further attacks.

At some point Fenrir had two wolf sons, Skoll and Hati Hrodvitnisson ("Hrodvitnir" is an alternate name for Fenrir, thus "Hrodvitnisson" is essentially "Fenrir's son"), who chase the Sun and Moon.

Fenrir will ultimately break free of Gleipnir in the Ragnarok and devour Odin, though will himself fall to Vidar's blade.
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